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Staying healthy in an unhealthy business

Creativity-sensitive Therapy

A 2012 research study found that there was a considerable psychological cost for those working in the creative arts solely due to the emotional requirements of the work.

Protective factors for good mental and emotional wellbeing include the ability to understand and process difficult, and uncomfortable, emotions and thoughts in a healthy way. 

A belief in one's self value - and the ability to overcome challenges - is critical when working in an environment where so much is asked of the individual's emotional and mental flexibility, where work and financial stability is precarious, where work groups connect intimately for an intense period and then break away and where the inner critics presence is match only by the external critics. 

It is essential that workers in the performing arts are robust and have reliable sources of support to ensure that they do not become a statistic or a headline. Counselling will do this by helping you to rework past and current experiences that lead to vulnerability and impede creativity. Counselling will support and nurture you to thrive in the psychologically challenging environment that is the performing arts sector.

The pressures for those who work in the performing arts are unique; no other business requires you to inhabit another world so completely. The hours we work, the dislocation from family and friends when on tour, the speed with which we need to create close, creative work relationships and then lose them for the next piece of work, is unique to the performing arts. It is at turns exhilarating and exhausting.

We need to be robust and resilient to manage this and be ready for next audience or audition. We need to know ourselves well and feel secure in who we are to successfully move in and out of these other worlds.

Counselling supports us:

  • Explore what isn't working

  • To learn how hold on to a more secure robust self

  • Stay resilient whilst we make those changes.


For the first meeting where we see if we can work together - No charge

Subsequent sessions - £45.00 per hour

Sessions booked that are cancelled at less than 48hrs notice will be charged at £25.00 per hour, any cancellation on the actual day is charged at £45.00.

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