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'The purpose of therapy is to set people free'
Rollo May

All research indicates that successful outcomes in counselling or psychotherapy are related to the quality of the working relationship that is developed between the individual and their counsellor.

Other factors to successful counselling are the client’s willingness and motivation to change and ability to participate in the work.

Consequently the starting point of our work will be to decide whether we can work together, what that work might be about and whether now is the right time for you to begin that process.

The main drive of our work will always be that you are able to achieve your goals and objectives at the pace, and in the way, that is right for you.

Your goal may be behaviour change, the exploration of the impact of life changing decisions and events, increased self-understanding, making sense of past experiences, or a combination all four. The choice will always be yours.

Although each piece of work with each individual is unique, the work will cover:

  1. What you know about yourself and your current situation

  2. Making sense of your individual circumstances

  3. What are we working with, and, what are the objectives and goals of the work?

  4. Understanding what you want to change and how you would like your future to be

  5. What resources you have, your competencies, talents, attributes and your external support

  6. Developing strategies to successfully make those changes and achieve your objectives

  7. Support through making the changes that we have identified.

Sometimes we will talk about the past to help us make sense of the present, and sometimes we will stay firmly in the here and now, but we will always be holding your future in mind.

The time it takes to complete this process is very individual, however we will review our work constantly to make sure we are both certain that the work maintains its value to you.


For the first meeting where we see if we can work together  - No charge

Subsequent sessions - £45.00 per hour

Sessions booked that are cancelled at less than 48hrs notice will be charged at £25.00 per hour, any cancellation on the actual day is charged at £45.00.

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